1) Waiting Room

Rather than have you wait in a crowded waiting room we ask you to call from your car upon arrival for your appointment. We will than bring any necessary paperwork to you and personally escort you to your private treatment area.

2) Screening Protocols

Prior to your treatment we will check your temperature with a no contact digital thermometer, and have you fill out a pre health screening to ensure your safety and the safety of our other visitors.

3) Clean Air

Our fresh-air exchange system is equipped with UV sterilizers which constantly clean the air and bring fresh air in from the outside. This promotes the health and well being of everyone in our building.

4) Isolated, Separated, Individual Treatment Rooms

In addition to our streamlined dental rooms, state-of-the-art sterilization center and properly trained and certified staff we go above and beyond to ensure a safe environment for the members of our team and the community we serve.

5) Check Out

When it is time to go your personalized assistant will handle the booking of your next appointment, collecting of insurance and payment information and will personally escort you out from your private exit to minimize your contact with incoming visitors.


At Lake Hill Dental Care, we are honored to serve you in this ongoing crisis and into the future.  We accept most insurances and our appointment times include nights and weekends.  We also perform most dental procedures in house so referrals to outside specialists are minimized for your comfort and convenience.  We also offer sedation dentistry which allows us to cater to individuals whose fear of the dentist has prevented them from feeling comfortable in the past.  If you are in the market for a new dentist please reach out to us at 518-444-3717 or fill out a contact form on our website www.lakehilldentalcare.com