Dental Implants East Glenville & Burnt Hills, NY

If you need a replacement tooth, you should definitely consider dental implants. Since they fuse to your jawbone, implants provide extremely stable support for your replacement tooth. There’s no need to worry about slipping or shifting when eating or speaking. Due to the secure fit, implants feel more natural than bridges or dentures.

Additionally, dentures and bridges aren’t always possible, especially in patients with sore spots, poor ridges, or gagging. However, since the implant is fused to the jawbone, the patient must have healthy gums and adequate bone for the implant to be successful and function properly.


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At Lake Hill Dental Care, we can take care of the entire implant placement process right here in our office. For most cases this eliminates the need to go to a different office to see a specialist, nor will you need a referral for your insurance company.

Our doctors have undergone extensive additional training necessary to do a flawless job for our patients. We are even members of the world renown International Implant Association. An association of the finest implant surgeons throughout the world. We also use Cone-Beam, a three-dimensional X-ray with computer-fabricated guides. These make surgery faster, safer, easier, and less painful.

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