We’re Open For Full Dental Care!

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We’re Open For Full Dental Care!

Dear Hometowne reader,

We are excited to announce the return to full dental care!  At this time, we are beginning to welcome back our patients and are accepting new patients once again.  We will be expanding our hours and making special accommodations for anyone who would like to be seen.

The well-being of our patients, staff, and community is our #1 priority.  From the beginning, we have equipped our infection control systems with the most modern and up to date procedures and technology available.  In addition to our streamlined dental rooms, state-of the-art sterilization center, and properly trained and certified staff, we go above and beyond to ensure a safe environment for members of our team and the community we serve.  Our heating and cooling system is equipped with fresh-air exchange and UV sterilizers for the health of everyone in the building.

Please note that you may see some changes in our office when you come in for your next appointment; we now have a more in-depth review of your medical history, we will take your temperature with a contactless infrared thermometer, we may ask you to wait in your car instead of the waiting room to comply with social distancing, and when confirming your appointment prior to your visit with us we may ask you if you have any symptoms of illness.

I hope that you and your families are safe and doing well as we start to come back to some level of normalcy in our lives.  This has been a challenging time for all of us and I want to take this opportunity to thank those people who have helped us through this stressful time.

As many of you know, Lake Hill Dental Care remained open throughout the lockdown to treat emergencies.  We received a greater than average number of calls to respond to dental pain and infection; we are so proud of our entire team for rising to the occasion and allowing us to provide this vital care to the community.

Our receptionist and financial coordinator Brandi Phillips rapidly adjusted the schedule according to the new guidelines, reviewed finances and insurance, and made sure the appointment times ran smoothly.  Our assistants Jenna Kaczynski and Elizabeth Yates ensured that the office was exceptionally clean, sterile, and safe for all our visitors, and helped organize all of the new personal protective equipment we ordered.  Our hygienists Patricia Negron and Samantha Quigan comforted our patients, called hundreds of patients to reschedule non-urgent care, and helped plan for the start of routine care under updated recommendations.  They performed these responsibilities flawlessly, which is all the more impressive when you consider that they also had to balance the chaos of children out of school, parents to be cared for, and the overall general uncertainty of this troubling time.  We are so proud of them, and so grateful to have the opportunity to have them be part of the Lake Hill Dental Care family.

Once again, we are happy to be back.  Our practice is a small, privately owned husband-and-wife team. As a true family practice, we believe in bringing the best in dental care from our family to your family.   If you or someone you know is in the market for a new dentist, please give us a call.


Dr. Joseph Denning

Dr. Laura Johnstone

Lake Hill Dental Care, PC



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