Why Patients Choose Sedation Dentistry

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July 27, 2021

Why Patients Choose Sedation Dentistry

Why Patients Choose Sedation Dentistry

At Lake Hill Dental Care, we pride ourselves on providing our patients with a high-quality dental care in a warm and welcoming environment. We understand that patients may have apprehension about visiting the dentist for a variety of reasons. Whether you have had a painful, traumatic experience in the past or need a more complex dental procedure and are nervous about your visit, we can help.

Serving residents throughout Burnt Hills, East Glenville, and Clifton Park, NY, we’ve put together some of the common reasons why patients choose sedation dentistry.

Reduce Dental Anxiety

Sedation dentistry has many benefits, but the main one that drives patients to consider sedation is an underlying fear of going to the dentist. Whether you have had a bad experience, have a fear of needles, or are concerned about pain, with sedation dentistry, your worries will fade away. Rather than staring at the ceiling waiting for the procedure to end, you’ll drift into a relaxed and almost dream-like state. Not only does this help make the time in the dentist chair seem to go by faster, many sedation patients do not remember the procedure itself, only the sense of calm they felt during it.

Minimize Physical Discomfort

At Lake Hill Dental Care, we use sedation dentistry to keep patients comfortable throughout the entire process. When under sedation, the senses are dulled and the body relaxes. This allows our dentists to perform the procedure without causing any discomfort to patients who have tooth sensitivity, sensitive gums, or a high gag reflex.

Instead, our patients report feeling at ease during their appointment and are many are satisfied with how smoothly our team was able to resolve their issue. You can read real reviews from past patients here.

Reduce the Need for Multiple Appointments

Even those who don’t have a fear of the dentist or a fear of pain resulting from dental procedures can benefit from sedation dentistry. When using the sedation method, patients feel comfortable for a set amount of time, making it ideal for those needing a longer appointment. The dentist can then address specific, complex issues or work on multiple minor problems throughout the mouth, reducing the need for additional appointments.

Sedation dentistry is also beneficial to patients who have trouble sitting still.  Whether the patient is fidgeting due to their nerves has a unique circumstance related to their age, physical health, or has a disability that makes it hard for them to remain still for an extended amount of time, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective way to keep them relaxed while the dentist works.

Call to Learn How We Can Make Your Dental Experience a Positive One

Whether you need a routine procedure or extensive dental work such as dental implants or emergency dental care, sedation dentistry is suitable for patients of all ages and comfort levels.  When you visit Lake Hill Dental Care, you’ll never be made to feel self-conscious about choosing sedation dentistry. Our team is dedicated to delivering a pleasant experience to all of our patients no matter what procedure or treatment they might need.

To learn if you are a candidate for sedation dentistry or to request a consultation, call our office today.

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